Ryan and his crew were amazing. I had a totally custom project that tested their creativity, but they were great at helping me get the look I was after within a reasonable budget. Despite some issues with subcontractors and delays, I would totally do it again, because Ryan was committed to making things right and stood by his work. I have built several houses in the past. This was the best experience with a contractor by far. Issues will happen, things will come up, but if your builder is honest and takes pride in his work, you will be happy in the end!! 

A. Cobb

Why we strive to make our homeowners happy

Whether we are getting reviews on our Google maps as a home builders Springfield MO, our social media presence, or on our website, reviews are important to let future customers know we will do a great job for them. Because good reviews are important, is one more reason that we strive to make sure our customers are happy with us, their home, our quality, and our process. We aren’t perfect, but over the years we have learned from our mistakes and have made adjustments in order not to repeat them. In fact, we are always adjusting and perfecting our system so we can be as efficient as possible. It has always been our goal to provide quality homes at fair prices and we know that goal and our reputations for quality keeps us busy and helps us keep our customers happy.

Building a home can be a stressful process, knowing that we do our best to take as much stress out of the build as we can as home builders Springfield MO. We do that by streamlining the process as much as possible and we are transparent about it so our client knows how it works. We also make sure that we are communicating about the progress of our customers’ house, even when we are dealing with a challenge regarding their progress, we will communicate that as well. Our project management software helps with this as well since it shows the selections that have been made for reference and it is a great communication tool for us and a place for our homeowner’s to ask questions, even after our business hours. When we build a home for someone, we treat the relationship like a partnership, so whether we are dealing with a challenge or a success, we deal with it as a team. All of these things help us reduce the stress of building a home and keep our clients happy. Happy homeowners give us referrals and leave good reviews, so we feel that it’s our job to keep them happy!

Why Reviews are Important to us

Reviews are important to us as home builders Springfield MOs because it shows to potential new customers that we are a company that builds a great house and that we are great to deal with. Because reviews are important to us, we train our team to keep those reviews in mind when taking care of our clients. We want good reviews so we want to be sure we are always going above and beyond for our customers.

What makes a happy homeowner

There are quite a few things that we believe make happy customers, and more to the point, due to personal experience and customer feedback, making sure we avoid doing things that make customers unhappy is an even bigger deal. The biggest thing that I have learned is that nobody likes surprises, especially as home builders Springfield MO experts. Because of this we are big on communication, even when we are dealing with a challenge or a problem, we want to be sure we are communicating that with our clients so we don’t become a shock. As with anything, in the home building business, there are great days where we have big wins and there are bad days where we have to work through challenges. We like to communicate both our wins and our challenges with our clients so they always know that we have their best interests at heart.

The other big thing that we have figured out lately is that not every person is comfortable with the same type of accounting for expenses when building their home. This is a reason why we build houses in two different ways. We build custom homes that are typically the most expensive way to build, are billed on a cost-plus basis, and one where cost overruns are common. For some people, this type of building is okay because they know they will get exactly what they want and plan for unforeseen expenses and changes as the project moves into completion. The other is the semi-custom home, which is a less expensive way to build and with very few exceptions, we guarantee the price of the home, but there are fewer selection choices than the full custom home. Both of these home builders Springfield MO customers get a high quality home, and they both have their benefits to each type of customer. During discussions at the beginning of the process, we help our customers figure out what they are most comfortable with. With these construction options, we eliminate potential stress to our clients so the building process will be as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

If you are upset with us, please give us a chance to make it right

As important as our customers’ happiness and their enjoyment of the building process is to us, we are always learning and we know that we may unknowingly upset one of our clients. If we do, please let us know so we can right a wrong or clear up a misunderstanding. We will do our best to make you happy as home builders Springfield MOs and we definitely want to avoid making the same mistake again. That way, hopefully, we can turn a bad experience around and make another happy customer out of a bad experience.


Why we want a lasting relationship with our homeowners

We know that most people who are still working age will buy or build a new home every 7 to 11 years. We are a family run business that has been in business since 2010 and we will be around for many more decades. We also get to know our clients while we are working together and in some cases we become friends. For both of these reasons, when it’s time for our past customers to build their next home or if they have a friend or family member who wants to build a home, they feel good about using us again or recommending us. This is why we try to make the building experience an exciting and happy experience, it gets us great reviews and our past homeowners remember their experience and look forward to spreading the word or using us again.