Our Story

What is First Choice Custom Homes?

First Choice Custom Homes is a leading home builders Springfield MO custom and semi-custom home builder in the Springfield, MO Metro area. Founded in July of 2010, First Choice Custom Homes has grown from a small remodeling company, then grew into a larger remodeling company that built a few small starter homes in 2011. In 2016 First Choice Custom Homes stopped remodeling and only built custom homes. Now in 2020 First Choice Custom Homes is introducing the next phase in the company’s growth and that is the semi-custom home where you can choose from one of our stock plans and we will make some minor changes and build the house for you at a price we worked together on.

Why Should I Call First Choice Custom Homes?

The great thing about First Choice Custom Homes as a home builders Springfield MO is that we offer not only the large custom homes that are unique and are built on a cost plus basis. We also offer semi-custom homes, which are less expensive per square foot and we can guarantee the price. This is a great alternative to buying a spec home, which has a budget built for you in mind, but you typically get very limited if any color or material choices. The other challenge with a spec, is that, like an older home, the layout or location may not be a perfect fit for you. With a semi-custom home, we will take one of our stock plans and will make interior modifications to fit your needs, then you can choose your finishes and colors from a selection of high quality materials. After we get your plans right, we have a menu of upgrades to choose from. We will then set a firm price and build your home for you based on your selections. No worries, no surprise costs, just relax and enjoy the process of the build!

Meet the Founder, Ryan Green

Ryan Green grew up in Wichita, KS and started working in the construction industry when he was 16 years old, long before Ryan was the top choice as a home builders Springfield MO. He started helping install fireplaces and windows for a local lumber yard.

Eventually, he moved his way into flooring sales for the same company. Over the next few years, he worked with about every aspect of the building materials to build a home in sales. The great thing about starting his career in building material sales is that he helped train builders and subcontractors the proper way to install the materials that he was selling. Early in the 2000’s, Ryan decided that he wanted to get out of the supply side of the business and start building homes.

In 2005, Ryan went to work for one of his former clients as his superintendent, running his operation in the Manhattan, KS area, which is about 2 hours north of Wichita. There he learned the production side of the business from a successful builder who had 2 decades of experience as they built 50 houses together over the course of the next 3 years. In 2008 the nation experienced the crash and so did the builder that Ryan was working for.

Springfield Home Builder | First Choice Founder Ryan Green

For the next two years, Ryan did whatever work he could find in the Manhattan area. During this period, Ryan went to a conference in Springfield and fell in love with the area. After the crash and the struggles that followed, Ryan and his wife, Jen, were looking for a change of scenery, so they decided to move to Springfield. Upon arriving in Springfield in July of 2010, Ryan and Jen started what is now First Choice Custom Homes. Since Ryan knew nobody in the Springfield area, and we were still in the middle of the great recession, Ryan did anything that he could to earn a living, which was mainly handyman work and small remodeling projects. A year later, Ryan started building a few small starter homes in addition to remodeling and by 2016 Ryan stopped remodeling and focused on home building only.

Currently, in addition to running First Choice Custom Homes and serving as the top home builders Springfield MO, he is very involved in the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, where he serves on the board of directors and is the current Vice President. He also speaks to schools and other places where he talks to young people about the benefits of working in the construction business to give hope to kids who don’t feel that college is a good fit, but want to make a good living when they grow up.

What Can First Choice Custom Homes Do For Me?

First Choice Custom Homes is dedicated to helping build the perfect house for our clients in the perfect location. If you have been trying to find your perfect house, but have just not found the right fit, and are scared to build because of the cost-overruns that are common in home building, contact us, we can help!

Custom Homes

Custom Homes are just that, one of a kind. Each one is unique and challenging, and each one is designed to meet the homeowners desires as perfectly as possible. Typically, these homes start from a blank slate which we begin the process by filling out a list of needs and wants. This covers everything from number of floors, type and number of rooms, as well as finishes. When done, we design the home that is perfect for our home owners. The plans usually have multiple revisions before they finally go to print. At this point the fun begins, and we work hand in hand with our homeowners to build the home of their dreams that we created for them, as the top home builders Springfield MO.


Semi-Custom Homes

Unlike Custom Homes, Semi-Custom Homes start from a blueprint that we have in stock as home builders Springfield MOs. Once you find a plan that is close to working for your needs, we will modify the plans interior walls slightly in order to better fit your needs. You then select your finishes and upgrades, we provide you with a price, and we start building your home on your lot or a lot we help you find. This is a less expensive option than a custom home and it takes away the fear of major cost overruns that are common in a custom home build. If you don’t see a plan you like, keep checking our website because we will continue to add plans to our stock. If you have an idea for a plan that we don’t have in stock, we would consider designing it for you and adding it to our plans for future use, just contact us if you are interested in our Semi-Custom Home program!