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Your Custom Home Starts with a Great Set of House Plans

Ready to Build Your Custom Home? Start with a great set of plans!

In the following article I will discuss our process of creating the perfect set of blueprints. Below is a rendering of a custom home we built in republic. I will now explain how we get there.


After our initial meeting we will spend some time going through our idea book, which is a list of home styles, and rooms you might want in your new home, as well as finishes. At this point we have already discussed your budget and typically you already have a lot or are in the process of buying one. Whenever possible, you want to have your lot selected before drawing your home, because not all designs will work on every lot.

Once our team and you have worked through your wants and needs as well as the style that you are wanting for your custom home, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our drafter. We go through our notes with him and he will gets started on designing your new home. At this point, our drafter and our team work together to get your first preliminary plan drawn, making sure that your home stays close to the size needed to fit your budget and that the design works from a construction standpoint. Once we are close to what we discussed that you want for your new custom home, we will email your first preliminary for you to review. Remember, this is your custom home and we want to make sure it is perfect for you, so if you see something that you want to change or don’t like, make note of it and let us know, you won’t offend us.

After you have had a few days to review the preliminary plan, we meet together with the drafter again to make the necessary changes. At this point, you will have the optional opportunity to view your custom home for the first time in 3d! This is a great way to look at your home before we ever drive a nail. It is also a great visualization tool that allows you to notice if there is something else that isn’t in the right place. This is an optional feature that our drafter charges for, but since we are designing a unique, custom home that has never been built before, this is a great way to catch things that you don’t like and change them, avoiding costly change orders.

After making your changes to your custom home, our drafter will send you home with a large blueprint that you can spend a few days studying to make sure you didn’t miss anything or want to make another change here or there. Our drafter will do as many preliminary changes to your plan as it takes to make you happy with the design of your new custom home! As long as you don’t scrap the plans and start from scratch, he does it all for the “per square foot fee” that he charges.

Once you have made all of the changes that you want to make on your custom home plans, the drafter and our team will go through the plans one more time to make sure there aren’t any issues that need to be addressed. Once that is done, our drafter will finish the plans and provide you with renderings like those shown in this article after your pick your blueprints up at his office.