Giveback Program

What we do to give back to our community

We are firm believers in giving back to the community that has helped our company, a home builders Springfield MO grow as it has over the years and there are several ways that we give back to our community.

The biggest thing that we do is talk to kids at several schools in our community about opportunities in the construction business. After the crash of 2008 and the great recession that followed, a lot of people got out of the construction trades, and since there were multiple down years, there weren’t a lot of kids getting into the construction business after school either. Now that our industry is strong again, there is a labor shortage in the construction business and there are some fantastic opportunities for young people. For years, kids have been told in order to be successful, they have to go to college and get a good job. Unfortunately, college is not the right path for everyone, and frankly, right now a lot of kids leaving college can’t make close to the same money that someone with a skilled trade can make without college. Because of what they have been taught about going to college, kids who know they aren’t cut out for college can tend to think that they are doomed to a life of poverty. This is why the owner of First Choice Custom Homes, the top home builders Springfield MO, Ryan Green, will speak at schools to let these kids know that there is another option. He also helps with the Build My Future event every year, which is an event inviting high school students from all over the state to learn about the construction industry in a hands on way with many different trades there to talk to and learn from. The construction industry has been really good to us and we know that there is plenty of room for others to join us in the business.

Another thing that we do, along with the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield as a home builders Springfield MO giving back, is annually at Ozarks Food Harvest prepping meals for underprivileged kids. Unfortunately in our community, as in every community, there are kids who go to bed hungry. Ozarks Food Harvest does a great job of helping those kids and we like to lend them a hand in their mission when we can. We have also volunteered at Ronald McDonald House providing meals for families whose kids are fighting illnesses and the last thing on their minds is what to make for dinner.

Whether it is spreading the message of hope of a good career opportunity or just helping an organization put food in a hungry belly, we feel good knowing we’re doing our part to help as home builders Springfield MO. We truly love our community, we build homes in our community, we invest our time in our community, and most importantly, we love building relationships with those in our community, especially those we can help, or those helping us continue to give back to the community that helped build our company.

Why we give back to our community

We have worked hard to take our company from our humble beginnings to where it is today, but there were a lot of people who helped us out along the way, as a home builders Springfield MO giving back. From folks that in the recession that could have waited on their projects or done it themselves, went ahead and gave us a shot, to the banker that said yes and believed in us when nobody knew who we were. We feel that we are blessed to be in the position that we are. We think that doing our small part to give back to the community that has supported us over the years is the least we can do. This is why we have started a program that helps us give a little more every time we sell a home. We do this by giving $500 to one of our favorite local charities every time we sell a home.

We only have so much time in a day, and even though we will continue to volunteer our time, we can continue to do more. The more successful we become and the larger our company gets, the more we will be able to give back to our community. It makes us feel good that we are doing our part to help and it is really exciting to think the more people that we help build their dream, the more people that we can help in our community together!

What we do to give back to our community when you buy a home from us

We have implemented a program that gives back to our community for every home builders Springfield MO job that works as follows. Every time we sell a home, we will donate $500.00 to one of our favorite charities. We at First Choice Custom Homes have been blessed to be able to give back to our community and we feel that the people we do business with feel the same way, so we are excited to help our customers feel the same joy we do when we give back to our community.

So we are excited to announce that for every home we sell, we will donate $500 to Ozarks Food Harvest, Safari Mission, or Development Center of the Ozarks. This is an amazing opportunity for First Choice Custom Homes and our homeowners to give back to our community together!

After we have finished with your plans and are ready to start construction of your new home, we will write a check to the charity that you have chosen and send it to them in your honor. It feels good to give back and it always helps to begin building your dream on a positive note! You may not be able to help speak at schools about the benefits of working in the construction industry, and we may not be able to volunteer together, but we all feel good knowing that with each house we build, we help our community a little more. Here’s to building a hundred homes or more per year!