What is in our Gallery

Our gallery shows multiple pictures of homes that we as home builders Springfield MOs have built over the past 10 years here in the ozarks. It shows multiple styles and finishes as well as many different sizes of homes, from 1,400 square feet all the way up to 10,000 square feet. Over the years we have built many homes and have lots of happy customers and we would love to add you to the list!

What we have historically built

First Choice Custom Homes, the top home builders Springfield MO was started in the summer of 2010 and at the time we would do anything from handyman work to building the occasional home. We started by building a few small starter homes in the republic area and eventually we were building various sizes of custom homes all over the Ozarks, from Mount Vernon and Marshfield, MO all the way to Reeds Springs, MO.

The first homes that we built were small ranch style homes, but we always used high quality materials and we took pride in the fact that our homes were built better than the other starter homes that were being built by others in the same neighborhood that we were building in. Once we started getting more established, we started building more custom homes in multiple styles as well as remodeling homes. Then a few years ago, we stopped remodeling and focused solely on new construction. Now we are building semi-custom homes as well as custom homes. The semi-custom homes that we build are a great option for folks who are nervous about the higher cost of a custom home, but want more options than what you would get with a spec home. With the semi-custom home program, we guarantee the price, we will slightly modify the plans that we have on file to suit your needs, and we have all of the selections right in our showroom for you to choose from with the exception of light fixtures, which we offer an allowance on. Contact us to learn more


What is coming up

As we design and build more of the semi-custom homes built by home builders Springfield MO experts, we will add pictures of them to our gallery. We will still build custom homes, but we can only build a small number at a time, but because most of the selections are made at the beginning of the project, we can build them faster and we can build many semi-custom homes at the same time so we will be adding lots of photos, so check out our web-site and like us on Facebook so you can see what we have going on!

Styles of homes

There are multiple styles of homes to choose from, following is a description of a few popular styles of home that are being built in the Ozarks. The home builders Springfield MO of choice can help you through this process.

Craftsman– Craftsman style homes typically use a combination of stone and siding materials on the outside of the home combined with square columns on top of stone bases on the front porch. Inside, it uses 3 or 5 panel doors with 1×4’s and 1×6’s for trim, warm colored wood floors in the common areas, and shaker style cabinet doors.

Contemporary/ Modern– While these two houses are not exactly the same, they are close enough to be classified together. They will both have flat roofs, clean lines and a mix of stone or brick and stucco as well as a mix of metal roofing on any pitched roof and rubberized roofing for the unseen flat roofs. The inside of the home will have open floor plans, lots of large windows, and they will use a lot of cooler colors throughout.

Colonial– Colonial homes are known for large porches with grand round columns. These homes typically have all brick fronts and either siding or brick on the sides and back and are usually 2 story homes. Historically this home is broken up into smaller rooms on the inside, but with the open concept that is so popular today, we try to keep the house plan open while using soffits and columns to define the different spaces within the home.

Farmhouse– Farmhouse style homes are known for their large porches and white siding on the outside. Inside they have simple white trim, wood flooring wood flooring and shaker style cabinets. All in all it is designed for maximum usable efficiency and the home builders Springfield MO at First Choice Custom Homes Can Help!

French Country– For years, French Country was the rage in the Springfield market. They are known for their steep pitched shaker roofs along with a combination of brick stone and stucco exteriors. Inside they have lots of stone, opulent large woodwork, and ornate cabinetry along with hand textured, glazed walls, making it look like stucco on the inside of the home.

Ranch home– Ranch homes are typically a timeless look that have always been popular. On the exterior, these homes have a 4/12 to a 8/12 pitch roof, and a mix of brick and siding. Inside they typically will have colonial style casing and base with 6 panel or flush doors.

Other types of homes that are popular in other parts of the country, but few are built in this area, are Victorian, Cape Cod, Tudor, and Meditoranean. If you are interested in any style of home, give us a call and we will look forward to the opportunity to help you build the home of your dreams!

Finishes of homes

For our home builders Springfield MO process and custom homes your finishes are only limited by your imagination. For our semi-custom homes, our standard finishes are Brick Front, with siding on the sides and back, 30 year laminated shingles, vinyl windows, painted woodwork, wood flooring in the common areas, Tile in the bathrooms and laundry room, and carpet in the bedrooms. They include cabinets with plywood sides, soft close drawers and doors, orange peel walls and Monterrey Roll on knocked down texture on the ceilings.

The style of your home is important. We understand that your home speaks a lot about you and your family. That is why we work hard to find the perfect fit – a home that reflects your family’s unique personality, design style and of course, your fundamental needs.