First Choice Projects

Types of Projects that We Do

Historically, we have mainly built full custom homes as a home builders Springfield MO, where each one is unique and requires a lot of time from both our staff and our home owners to design and build because of the unique details in each home. Then we would build a spec home or a smaller home every now and then to fill in the gaps. Even though we will still help you design and build your custom home, our primary focus is what we call a semi-custom home. We start with one of our stock floor plans, customize the interior layout to best suit your needs, select most finishes that are going into the home, and then we start construction.

Our semi-custom homes are less expensive than a full custom home because we, as home builders Springfield MO have negotiated pricing from our vendors on specific materials and services that help bring the cost down. They also take less time to build than a custom home because we take care of the selections up front and we don’t have to hold up progress while we wait on real-time field decisions that are common occurrences on custom builds. Because we can build the semi-custom homes faster, we can pass those savings along to our customer as well. Because we take care of the details up front, when building our semi-custom homes we can communicate promptly upon any changes, which takes away the fear of major cost overruns that are common with custom homes.

Our custom homes are just that, unique and customized just for you and we put our top home builders Springfield MO team to the test here. Because of the complexity of the projects and the time that they require from our homeowners and our staff, we only build a handful of these homes per year. With our custom homes, we typically start from scratch or a really basic idea that our client has and build on that. We then put together as many details as we can, such as number of rooms, types of rooms, style of the home, finishes, exterior details, interior details, basic colors and materials, and a broad range of other decisions. After we have the details complete, we take the rough ideas to the drafter and he starts working on the plans. Typically we will have many revisions until the house plans are exactly what the client wants in order to fit their needs. When we are finished designing the house, we put together pricing that is typically within 5% to 10% of what the house is going to cost. Once again, because a custom home is unique and there are typically a lot of unknowns that come up during construction, not to mention, when people see their home as its being built, they typically change certain things, which add to the cost, it is hard to pinpoint the cost of construction like we can with our semi-custom builds. This is why we build custom homes on a cost-plus a percentage basis, rather than a guaranteed price. After we finish the estimate and sign a contract, we get the home started. With a custom home, we work together with our client to make sure that everything is exactly what they wanted. With a custom home, because that home is so unique, the home owner’s involvement in the project is a lot more than a semi-custom home. As a result, it typically takes more time to complete the project, but when it’s done, it is a work of art!

Price Range of our Projects

Our semi-custom homes built by top home builders Springfield MO experts have pricing ranges from $300,000 to $500,000 depending on the size of the home they are wanting us to build and the upgrades that they select from. The size of our semi-custom homes range from 1,400 square feet to 2,500 square feet, but since we are always adding to our stock plans, this could change as we move forward. Our upgrades include such things as 3rd car garage bays, window upgrades, exterior finish upgrades, and more depending on the plan and location of the build.

Our Custom Homes typically start around $400,000 and go up to $1,000,000 or more. The size of our custom homes is generally anywhere from 2,500 square feet on up to 10,000 square feet or more.

Typical Timeline of Projects

On our semi-custom homes, after the upgrades and selections have been made. We pull permits and get started by doing all of the home builders Springfield MO tasks for you. Depending on the size of the home and the weather, we strive to complete construction in 6 to 8 months. Weather, especially wet or extremely cold weather can cause delays, especially at the beginning, before the house is dried in, and towards the end when we are putting in the exterior flatwork and the yard. During the construction process, there are 2 points where we do official walkthroughs with our home owners. The first is a walkthrough with our electrician to identify switch and lighting locations. The second is a final walkthrough after the home is complete before moving in, so we can make sure that all of the touch up is done and nothing got missed by our staff or sub-contractors. The process is smooth and low stress because we take care of almost everything on the front end of the project. During the build, we welcome our home owners to visit their home after work hours so you can see the progress as your home is being built.

On our custom homes, our timeline is a little longer to give you top home builders Springfield MO services. Weather can still be a factor, but there is a lot more customer involvement during the project. Scheduled client meetings are at about every stage of construction, especially at framing stage where we will walk through the home at various points to make sure there are no changes or additional details desired. We will do a walk through with all of our mechanical sub-contractors to go over lighting details, Plumbing details, and vent locations among other questions that arise during this time in the process. Next we will do a walkthrough with our finish contractors to go over trim details and flooring locations. Around this time we will also go over exterior finish details with our mason’s and siding contractors. After Trim, we will go over painting details with our painters, meet with closet system installers and shower doors and mirror contractors to work out those details. Finally at the end of the project we will do a final walk-through to make sure that our punch list and touch up is complete before handing over the keys. This process will typically take 10 to 14 months depending on the size and scope of the home.