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Why you should contact us

Over the years as home builders Springfield MO we have learned how to identify people’s needs in a home and help them put it all together for a price that they can afford. We listen to our customers and do our best to give them what they want, not just push our own thoughts and ideas on them. We will, however, make suggestions when asked, or if we feel it is needed. We treat our clients as partners and work with them through the home building process. This is the biggest reason our clients like working with us and it will always remain a big priority as our company continues to grow.

We pride ourselves on making sure that our customers are getting the home they want at a price point that they can afford. We know what our house plans cost to build when we build semi-custom homes and it is also why we like to be involved from the beginning of the process when someone wants to build a custom home. Too many times, people have their house plans drawn, buy their lot, and then go out and find a builder. The problem with that is the lot may not be a good fit for the plans and most drafters don’t take your budget into consideration when designing your home. On multiple occasions, I have had to help them find another lot that would work for the house that they had designed, or have had to help them design a new house plan because the plans they brought me were going to be too expensive. Contacting us at the beginning of the home building process can help you avoid some unnecessary complications and expenses.

Do expensive cost overruns make you nervous? We have a solution as home builders Springfield MOs that doesn’t involve buying a spec with low quality materials in a neighborhood you don’t want to live in. Our semi-custom homes have pricing that can not be beat, and we will build on your land or lot or we will help you find the perfect lot to build your home! Contact us for details on our semi-custom home program.

Want a home that is uniquely yours and that has never been a home built like it? We can help with that too, that’s why we are the top home builders Springfield MO of choice. We work with our drafter to design a home that is perfect for you and your family. We then put together a budget that will give you an idea of what your new home is going to cost. After that we will work together to make sure that your home is built to your exact specifications. There is no price guarantee with our custom homes, but we review the budget every two weeks to ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the build.

Not sure which type of home building process you want to choose? We have a proven system to help identify what option would be best for your financial situation and your family’s needs. Contact us and we can walk you through the differences and help you build your next home!

The benefits of contacting us

There are many benefits of working with First Choice Custom Homes for your home builders Springfield MO, by contacting us and working with us, there Is one specific monetary thing that benefit our community. For every home we build, we will give a $500 donation to one of our favorite local charities, that’s how we can help our community together! We are committed to helping our customers build affordable homes and we are committed to serving our community in many ways. Contact us for more information on this great program.

The other big benefit of working with us for your home builders Springfield MO needs are the following. That we will listen to you and help you build what you want for a home that will best suit your family’s needs and wants. We will give guidance and advice along the way, but we will always do our best to focus on your needs and desires in your home. Next, we pride ourselves on communication and we have multiple ways of doing that. Not only will we communicate by email, text, and by phone, but we also communicate with our home owners using our project management software, which allows you to see what selections you have made and communicate at any time day or night whether it is in company hours or not, and as soon as we get the message the next business day we can answer your questions or address your concerns. It is a fantastic tool that helps us be more effective and efficient in the field while still giving our clients a way to ask questions or see various aspects of their home build on their own time without worrying about our business owners. Contact us to learn more about any of these benefits of working with First Choice Custom Homes!

Who you talk to when you contact us

Generally you are going to talk to either our founder, Ryan Green, or one of our knowledgeable team members, and we will guide you through our process of selecting the right home for your family’s needs. After our initial meetings, we go through the design and material selection process, then we get started on construction. For each home there is a team of a Project Manager, a Field Superintendent, and an Assistant Superintendent that will get your new home built and communicate the progress of construction for home builders Springfield MOs to you along the way.

Contacting us is easy. We make it our goal to give you all you need and more in terms of a fair price, details and information, a solid design team ready to create your beautiful home, and so much more. We make sure you are our top priority. That’s why we are quick to respond, and we make it easy for you every step of the way. Whatever way you choose to contact us, we’re here to help.