Are you looking for the best home builders Springfield MO? Then look no further, first choice custom homes have been in the homebuilding industry for almost 3 decades, and we can do anything from semi-custom to full custom home building. If you choose semi-custom, we will throw in $10,000 and free upgrades. If you’re looking for a budget where the price per square foot is set, our semi-custom home is for you. The more upgrades and changes you make, the more chance of a higher per square foot cost, but once we lock in a plan, there will be no surprise fees.

There are many home builders Springfield MO, but if you need someone with family values delivering a quality home at a great price, first choice custom homes should be your only choice. With almost 3 decades in the homebuilding industry, we are confident we can build your dream home whether it’s fully custom or semi-custom. If you’re on a tighter budget we recommend semi-custom homes, changing only a few minor details to keep the prices lower. We can also build on your own land, or help you find a lot if that’s a need also. We can help with the construction loan process as we can recommend one of the banks that we work with on a consistent basis.

Can you trust the home builders Springfield MO? You can if you go with first choice custom homes, our founder has been in the homebuilding industry for almost 3 decades. Our core values are consistent with our family, we provide quality homes at fair prices whether it’s full custom or semi-custom. Our semi-custom homes are a great alternative to buying a spec home, keeping the prices lower than full custom, also offering $10,000 in free upgrades when you go with one of our semi-custom plans. Once we set a price on our semi-custom homes, there will be no more surprise fees or costs involved in the process.

If you’re looking to build your first home, whether it’s custom or semi-custom, first choice custom home should be your go to. If you’re looking for something a little more custom but don’t want to go the full custom route, our semi-custom homes are for you, we can make minor changes as far as expanding a room or moving a kitchen appliance to a different wall. Choosing a semi custom home allows you to design personal touches in your own home while avoiding the higher cost of a full custom home. We can even build on your own lot if you have land.

We would love to hear from you and set up our first consultation, you can give us a call at 417.536.1448, or visit us online at start the process. Don’t forget if you go with the semi-custom home, where throwing in $10,000 in free upgrades. This coupled with the ability to keep the prices lower than full custom, is a win-win!

How Can You Learn About The Home Builders Springfield MO?

Making your choice for the home builders Springfield MO, is a huge life choice. We are here to help with that, as we been around for almost 3 decades providing quality homes at fair and reasonable prices, and we look forward to building a relationship with you. Our home was his range from full custom to semi-custom, depending on your needs and budget. Our semi-custom homes are a great value, allowing for minor changes and keeping the cost per square foot down. When you choose a semi-custom home, we also throw in $10,000 in free upgrades.

We are one of the premier home builders Springfield MO, were first choice custom homes! Founded by Ryan Greene, the father of two and a husband, our core values are modeled directly after family values. We provide quality homes at fair prices, each and every opportunity we have. Whether you need to custom-built home or semi-custom or we just change a few specific details, we have you hand covered. Our semi-custom homes are a great value, leaving room for minor changes while also keeping the cost per square foot down. If you choose one of our semi-custom homes, were throwing in $10,000 with a free upgrades.

First choice custom homes is a premier home builders Springfield MO, that has been around for almost 3 decades. We can build large, full custom homes that are unique, and built on a cost-plus basis. We can also offer a semi-custom home, which will help keep the cost down as these are great alternatives to buying a spec home but still offering minor custom touches. Once we get your plan set in, we will set a firm price and build your custom or semi-custom home based on your selections. No more surprises, no more fees, guaranteed.

If you’re looking for the best and custom or semi-custom homes, look no further than first choice custom homes. We are a premier builder in Springfield MO, that is been around for almost 3 decades. We offer quality homes at fair prices, whether it’s full custom or semi-custom options. Currently were running a promotion, if you choose a semi-custom home, we will go at $10,000 worth of free upgrades. This added bonus makes it a great advantage to take the opportunity to purchase one of our semi-custom homes, add the added touches that you desire, and end up with something you’re truly proud of. We have strong family values, as we are a family-owned and operated company.

Now’s a great time to reach out and schedule your first consultation, whether it’s on the phone at 417.536.1448, or on the Internet at With three decades of homebuilding experience, you’ll see why where the premier custom home builder, and Springfield MO. We do custom and semi custom homes, providing you with the best value in home building experience possible. Don’t forget to ask about our $10,000 and free upgrades for our semi-custom homes.