We are your first choice home builders Springfield MO! If you are looking for a semi-custom home builder, first choice should be your first and only choice. We offer 10,000 and free upgrades, with a guaranteed price for your semi-custom home. We’ve been in the home building industry for over 29 years, except building exceptional homes with a passion for custom homebuilding. We believe we provide fair prices and quality homes to everyone in the area. We help with the entire process no matter if you have a lot or not, once you have a construction loan, we can get started.

When you’re looking for the leading home builders Springfield MO, look no further than first choice custom homes. We offer everything from large custom homes to semi-custom homes which are less expensive per square foot, and we can guarantee you that price. Our custom homes are just that, one-of-a-kind. Plans usually have multiple revisions before I finally go to print,and this is where the fun begins work hand-in-hand with our homeowners each and every step. You can even take one of our semi custom homes, and mold it to your preferences changing this and that wherever you see fit. When you go this route, you we provide you with a guaranteed price.

The best Home builders Springfield MO, hands down. Here first choice custom homes, we have been delivering exceptional homes for almost 3 decades. We are family owned and provide custom homes at a fair price. When people look to build a custom home, most people are concerned with price and how long it will take. We can work with you upfront on that to get you a clear concise answer on both. For semi-custom homes, it’s typically 4 to 6 months to build, and for custom homes, it takes anywhere from 10 months to a year. The cost varies from home to home depending on size, fixtures, and all of the personalization that are added. This is something we can work out in the design process to give you a great estimate on what your home will cost.

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to build your semi-custom or custom home, look no further than first choice custom homes. We’ve been in the homebuilding industry for almost 3 decades, with the goal to provide quality homes at fair prices, we model our core values after our own family. With our semi customs homes, we take one of our stock plans and make the interior fit your needs, all the finishes and colors from our selection of high-quality materials. Once we finalize a plan, we can then set a firm price and build your home for you based on all the selections that you picked, with or without upgrades. From this point on there will be no worries about surprise cost or anything else to stress you have out about the build.

So give us a call to get started at 417.536.1448, or on the Internet at https://www.myfirstchoicecustomhome.com/. We look forward to showing you some of our great quality homes at a reasonable price, whether it’s custom or semi-custom fit your needs.

How Can You Learn About Home Builders Springfield MO?

Gorgeous homes come from the best home builders Springfield MO, first choice custom homes. The moment you walk into one of our custom or semi-custom homes will fall in love. We can design starting with a template from our semi-custom home, we can design your home from scratch, depending on your needs. If you go with one of our first choice semi-custom homes, we offer $10,000 in free upgrades. We believe in providing quality homes at fair prices, and we model our core values after our own family. We offer not only large custom homes that are completely unique and built per your specs, but we also offer semi-custom homes that are less expensive and we can guarantee that price once we get all the details ironed out.

We are your one and only stop for custom home builders Springfield MO! One of the great things about first choice custom homes, is your go to homebuilder in Springfield Missouri is that we offer not only large custom home, but we can also offer semi custom homes, at a less expensive price per square foot. Once we set that price firm, there’ll be no more surprise costs or any worries to worry about for the rest of the process. We’ve been in the business for almost 3 decades, and we provide quality homes at fair prices that follow our core values. If you choose to go with first choice semi custom home, we offer $10,000 in free upgrades.

When it comes to home builders Springfield MO, look no further than first choice custom homes. We offer semi-custom homes, were able to lock in a lower cost per square foot and we also offer full custom homes that range in price depending on your choices of upgrades and fixtures. We are the leading homebuilders in Springfield Missouri, whether it’s custom or semi custom homes. We make the process easy whether you’re choosing one of our stock plans to turn into a semi-custom home, or you have your own ideas to start fresh from scratch. Once you have your construction loan, it’s as easy as finding land and starting construction, and if you already have your own land we can build on that too.

If you’re looking to do business with somebody that has strong family values, look no further than first choice custom homes. We’ve been in the industry for almost 3 decades, and we know how to handle all of the details. Whether you want a fully true custom built home, or you would like to take one of our four plants and modify it for semi custom, we can fit your needs. We can help if everything from finding a lot to build on, and turning on to a bank to get your construction loan.

There’s never been a better time to reach out and schedule a consultation, whether you do it via phone at 417.536.1448, or online at https://www.myfirstchoicecustomhome.com/. We will make the process as easy as possible, to get started on the construction of your new dream home. Also remember if you pick a semi custom home, we will throwing $10,000 in free upgrades.