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Why Should You Choose First Choice Custom Homes

  • Three Decades of Construction and Home Building Industry Experience
  • We pride ourselves on full transparency
  • $500 Charitable Contribution Donated to Safari Mission or Ozark Food Harvest With Any Home Sold
  • Updated home styles and finishes, we are a home builder that is finally moving away from the same old stale look that has been built in the Springfield area since the mid 1980’s.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to building homes that our customers are proud to live in!
Springfield Home Builder | First Choice Custom Homes Founder - Ryan Green

Ryan Green, founder of First Choice Custom Homes has been delivering exceptional, home building services for almost three decades. During this time, Ryan found a passion for delivering families the home of their dreams. We offer the semi-custom home option so we can help more people in the Ozarks looking for Home Builders Springfield MO with their dream. Ryan Green, father of two and a husband to Jennifer are proud to call First Choice Custom Homes a family-owned-and-operated company. We model our core values after our family, which is why we care so much about our quality. If it is not good enough for our family, it is not good enough for yours. Ultimately, we provide quality homes at fair prices to the Springfield metro area and we look forward to serving you!

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What Are First Choice Custom Home Clients Saying About Their New Home?

“Great company! Professionalism, quality work, and efficiency!!! And what we love most, is the great communication. Often times, repair issues or designing a home is overwhelming, Ryan and his team walked us through the complete process and were patient with the many questions and concerns that we had. The Home Builders Springfield MO service is UNMATCHED!! Thanks Ryan and team!”

- Curtis and Tasha Boyland

“Ryan built a custom home for us last year. He was always there to help with any thing we needed or had questions about. He has an eye for detail and very knowledgeable. We love our home and would do it again.”

- Dennis and Teresa Freeman

“Highly recommend. I wanted to build a custom home in the country north of Republic MO. Ryan and his team helped tremendously in building my dream home! Can’t thank them enough!”

- Charles Jeffcoat II

“I would highly recommend First Choice Construction Home Builders Springfield MO to anyone wanting to build a new home. Ryan truly listens to his customers and strives to give them what they request.”

- Peggy Minor

What is the Process of Building Your New Home?

Nothing can be more frustrating and stressful that unknowns when it comes to the biggest investment most people ever make, their home. That’s why we make our process simple and transparent. Following are the steps we follow to build your dream!

Step 1– We invite you into our Home Builders Springfield MO showroom located across from Incredible Pizza on South Campbell. There we show you the quality finishes that go into our homes as well as the number of standard choices that you have as a First Choice Custom Homes client.
Step 2– We discuss what your family’s needs are in a new home as well as budget, and how long you think you will be in the home.
Step 3– We help you find a lot or land and make sure that we select a house plan that works well on the lot you are wanting. If you already own your lot or land, we schedule a time to look at it with you so again, we can make sure that we are selecting the right house for the lot or land you own. Because of the topography of the Ozarks, not all house plans will work on all lots.
Step 4– Based on your lot, needs, and budget, we help select a plan that is the perfect fit for your family and your pocketbook.
Step 5– We show you the base Home Builders Springfield MO price of your new home as well as the long list of standard features that come with a First Choice Home.
Step 6– You select from a menu of upgrades. Here’s the great news, we are offering up to $10,000.00 worth of upgrades for free!
Step 7– We Take the price of your house, any possible upgrades discussed, and your lot (if applicable) and you have a budget and a house plan that fits you and your family!
Step 8– You pick between Safari Mission and Ozark Food Harvest where we will send a $500.00 donation in your honor!
Step 9– We schedule a couple of hours in our showroom picking all of your finishes for your home from roofing to flooring, and everything in between! At this point we add you to our project management system. There you can see your selections, communicate with our team, and see what is coming up next as we build your home. All of this can be viewed from your computer or right from your phone!
Step 10– We begin building your new home!
Step 11– After framing, electric, plumbing, and HVAC rough in we do a walkthrough so you can see how everything moves through your home and answer any questions before we cover it up with sheetrock.
Step 12– Upon substantial completion of your new home we schedule a time to walk through it with you. This is when we show you where your mechanical equipment is located, water shutoffs, electrical panel, air filters, and anything else you need to know about your home as well as answer any question that you may have about your home too. While there it gives us an opportunity to identify any areas that our touch up crew might need to address before you move in.
Step 13– After our Home Builders Springfield MO cleaning crew and touch up crew are through putting the finishing touches to your new home, we turn over the keys to your new home!